Montepulciano is built along a narrow ridge of limestone, 605 meters over the sea level. The town is surrounding by big and old walls and forts designed by Antonio da Sangallo il Vecchio during the XVI century by order of Cosimo I. Montepulciano is very famous for the majesty of his Renaissance palaces, for the elegant beauty of his churches and for the "Nobile" wine, one of the most valued wine in the world. The historical centre is built along a way that climbs up to the hill reaching the main square, Piazza Grande, that is in the top of the fascinating town.

in Montepulciano

January / December - Logge della Mercanzia - Strada del Vino Nobile

Thematic exhibitions - Info: - phone 0578/717484

January / December

Musical program with dance, theater, cinema, painting and graphics exhibitions.
Cantinonearte teatri - Savonarola square 10/a Montepulciano - Phone: 0578/757758 or 348/3529552 or 339/3962179 - -

January / December - Piazza Grande

Monthly arts and antiques fair (second Sunday/weekend of the month)


Preview presentation of new Nobile and red wine of Montepulciano
Info: - phone: 0578/757812 -

November / April - Poliziano Theater - Theater of Concordi

Theater season edited by Comune di Montepulciano - info: 0578/758473

1 May - historic centre

Saint Agnes fair - traditional merchandise fair

Last weekend of May: Montepulciano historic centre

Open wineries
Saturday: eating Nobile (local products tasting in Piazza Grande with concerts, town tours exc.)
Sunday: open wineries for wine tasting; wine tours from Piazza Grande organized by Strada del Vino Nobile - Info: - phone: 0578/717484

June / August

Nobile Wednesdays - free tasting of Nobile wine with local products - Consorzio del Vino Nobile - phone: 0578/757812 -

June / October

Ricci Palace - European Academy of Music and Arts of Montepulciano. Classes of musical improvement (vocal and instrumental) - phone: 0578/756022

July - Historic centre Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte of Montepulciano

Opera, theater, symphony concerts, ballet performances and workshops - Phone: 0578/757089 0r 0578/757007 - fax: 0578/758307 - email:

August - Historic centre - Wineries in Piazza Grande

Wine tasting of Nobile wine Of Montepulciano. Phone: 0578/757812 -
10th of August- Montepulciano historic centre - Calici di stele: wine tasting edited by sommelier of wine producers of Montepulciano (about 50) with tasting of local products. Info: - phone: 0578/717484

August - Piazza Grande

Bruscello Poliziano - Popular theater -

August - Montepulciano historic centre (last week of August)

Bravio delle botti (Barrels race).
During the week: tests race by night, procession with candels after dinner in the main way and shows in the main square - wine and products tasting.
Last Sunday of August: from 4 p.m to 7,30: historical parade and barrels race.