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Sensory spa

The Sensory spa represent the perfect meeting between naturopathy and enchanting Tuscan countryside You may follow five different packages, ordering the twenty rooms which they encounter to achieve a specific result, cleansing, energising, restoring (there’s also taste room).
In these rooms you will encounter: pyramid power, the melmarium (mud room), ice crash, pools with hydromassage, one with salt water, two saunas, Turkish bath, multi-sensory showers, the Acqua Santa spring (that is an evocative sculpture) , aromatherapy, chromotherapy, musictherapy, the Kneipp package and the inner silence room. There is also a relaxation area where you may sip tisanes and a garden for sunbathing and a relax room.. There is even the “Flavour room” with a buffet menu designed by professor Nicola Sorrentino who has come up with recipes based on km 0 products,. On the upper floor of the Spa, the wellness centre has been designed to combine modern technologies for remise-en-forme and psychophysical relaxation with classic beauty therapy and techniques derived from oriental wisdom, naturopathy and holistic medicine. You may begin specific programmes for slimming, restoring skin elasticity and tone and for an anti-aging effect with the use of the most modern machines

The Sensory spa are enriched by a further sense – taste – thanks to the buffet package designed by professor Nicola Sorrentino, scientific director of Sensory spa, Specialist in Nutrition and Food Science, Hydrology, Climatology and Thalassotherapy.. In a sophisticated room, this healthy package combines the lightness of the dishes with their goodness, stimulating the other senses at the same time.

Every detail is taken care of, even the colours of the proposed foods. According to chromotherapy experts, the body’s functions are influenced not only by the composition of the foods, but also by their colour and we may treat ourselves, detox and even lose weight by following a diet which considers the shades of our foods.